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J               JESSE OWINS

      Hello. Thanks for paying attention to my work. Its mostly oil and chalk pastels....Programs that I have turned into my purpose. I watched a lot of T.V. growing up, so I've allowed it to inspire my work.

       I started in front of a Target department store, asking the people if it looked valuable or not. At first, I didn't have a desire to sell it at all...I just wanted to share my work with actual people in real time.....looking back....i just wanted to be seen and I was. The people encouraged me. So I kept coming back. For almost a whole year back in 2018. I saw what good I could do. I developed a relationship with the community and developed a quality business in "street art".

     My inspiration comes from the thoughtful people who see me and pay attention to my work. They have called it a pop culture education. I create images and pair them with titles that may bring new meaning to a dated idea. I study the meanings of cartoons and movies in an attempt to relay them into  shapes and colors to inspire memory. Its an honor to serve the world food for thought.

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