oil, chalk pastels and drawing media on paper in artist cut 100% cotton Alpha Rag mat 18in x 24in


Our attention is drawn towards a solitary figure in a blue shirt and brown pants. He sits idle on brightly colored upholstery holding a dark object in one hand, while the other is poised for comfort. His gaze is fixated and his leisure seems imminent. This piece may serve as a visual essay pertaining to masculine domestication or a surrender of instinct to mediocrity for sanity's sake. It could correspond to ideas about man's existential bow to societal ceilings as a means of survival.


Can he ever appreciate his own position?

How far will he willingly adjust his condition to benefit mankind?

How long can we watch?

Death of a Shoe Salesman (2018)

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  • All 8in x 10in and larger pieces are signed and titled by the artist.